How to setup QAS proxy client on solaris 8 and 9, Linux machine is Proxy server for solaris 8 and 9 but its not joining Active Directory, please help

I have setup Linux machine as QAS proxy server and its acting as standalone NIS for solaris 9 machine, on my solaris 9 machine I have setup NIS client and added my Linux QAS proxy server as NIS master and on solaris 9 machine I get ypwhich output as desired, but now I am able to su - user <AD user> from solaris 9 machine itself but that machine I am unable to login from outside , I mean from putty or any ssh client. So please help me to setup solaris 9 machine to be authenticated AD via Proxy server (My Linux machine which is configured as Proxy server, its Centos 7.8)

Thank you in advance, I have been struggling a lot for this issue, I referred but no luck.