apache httpd hosting web application protection with two factor authentification

we want to implement a two factor authenfication for windows domain user accessing windows 2019 server and linux server.

I have deployed One identity Defender for that.

Since Defender use ISAPI Agent deployed on IIS server .

Which product of one Identity can I use for Linux Apache web server hosting web application.

Also the client do not want to use AD user for ythat

  • Hello Martial,

    Jason Bauer here from One Identity Support.

    The only product I am aware of that is close to what you are describing is the Apache Plugin mod_auth_vas (MAV).

    MAV is available with the One Identity product Safeguard Authentication Services (SAS).

    Note however that SAS is Active Directory bridge software that extends AD’s security, compliance, and Kerberos-based authentication capabilities to UNIX / Linux and therefore may not be a match considering your local user requirement.

    I believe your best way forward would be to reach out to your One Identity account manager to discuss potential solutions. 

    Thank you,

    Jason Bauer

  • Hi Jason

    hope you are doing well.thanks once again for this information.

    So integrating One Identity Defender and  Safeguard Authentication Services with the Apache Plugin mod_auth_vas (MAV) will allow the apache web hhtpd server's user to authenticate themselves with 2FA .???

    I will download,a,trial version of Safeguard Authentication Services to test it on my vmware environment.

    How to get the Apache Plugin mod_auth_vas (MAV)?