One Identity Defender PAM Unix authentication issue

I have installed Defender PAM on centos 7 server and there are working fine.

But on Rocky Linux 8.5 I got this error message

++ Verifying the defender configuration file:/etc/defender.conf                    [ OK ]
  ++ This host is configured to authenticate to the following servers:

++ Verifying the ACL configuration:/etc/pam_radius_acl.conf                        [ OK ]
  ++ user matches definition[user:defender, service:sshd] and will be authenticated to Defender

++ Verifying the comms...                                                          [ OK ]

++ Pinging the defender server on                   [ OK ]

++ Attempting to authenticate user:defender to service:sshd...
Invalid Windows password.
Enter a valid Windows password.

Enter token response.


  ++ Error: pam_acct_mgmt failed: Permission denied
  ++ Checking the return codes for the individual pam functions...
    ++ No trace file was created for