Samba with quest-vasidmap

Hi all,

We have few AIX servers setup for samba hosting. We are running it on a samba old version 3.6.12. When i did a little bit of digging into it, I found our there is a component called vasidmap installed in those samba hosted servers and in the AD I see two computer units. 1 with the hostname another with samba.hostname. I am kind of confused here. I need to understand this vasimap module and how it relates with samba? 


  • Hello Nijendra,

    Jason Bauer here from One Identity Support.

    The vasidmap was add-on to the Safeguard Authentication Services (SAS) product.

    It has been deprecated for several years and is no longer supported or maintained by One Identity.

    The only integration point between SAS and Samba is the ability for the two applications to share a single computer object. The following KB article outlines how this can be achieved.

    With regard to the noted computer objects, SAS only requires a single computer object for each UNIX system joined to an AD domain. To find the object SAS is using check that the system is joined to the domain:

    "/opt/quest/bin/vastool status"

    If it is joined you can then identify the object by running the following which will dump its attributes as they are in AD.

    "/opt/quest/bin/vastool -u host/ attrs host/"


    "/opt/quest/bin/vastool -u host/ attrs host/ distinguishedName"

    Thank you
    Jason Bauer