Active Directory Machine Account Password reset

I was able to setup SAMBA on Solaris 11.4 successfully about a month ago. Now, it appears that machine account password in Active Directory was changed and winbind services won't start up.

net ads testjoin -> fails to work

when I run below command as suggested on this page - Example method to integrate Samba and Authentication Services (4295240) (

sudo /opt/quest/bin/vastool -q -u host/ passwd -r -o | sudo net -f -i changesecretpw

Password for host@domain: 

But it asks for is current password which I have no idea what it is

this command below used to work where I can use my domain admin credential to force the machine password change, but I guess the latest version of Quest doesn't recognize the option -n

/opt/quest/bin/vastool -q -u ADAdmin -n passwd -r -o | net -f -i changesecretpw

I guess I can just delete object from Active Directory and reconfigure Samba from the scratch with the new host key (I bet this is the main cause of all issue - newly generated host key)

But anyone know the new trick on how to reset the machine account password?