• How can I auto discover *NIX Systems in a large *NIX Network

    Hello All,

    A bothering thought on implementation of Safeguard Authentication Services (SAS) below:

    We have a customer that wants to leverage Active Directory to authenticate AD users to *NIX systems.

    For the scenario created above, Safeguard Authentication…

  • Authentication Services Maintenance release 4.1.5 is now available

    Maintenance release 4.1.5 is now available

    The latest build of Authentication Services, the Change Log and ReadMe file can be obtained by visiting the following knowledge base article.


  • Unable to locate QAS Application Configuration

    i All,

    I'm very new to this product, I'm getting this error while trying to join the linux clients with AD.

    I have followed the installation manual and connected to AD as shown below the Authentication Services are installed.


    Kindly help me…