• GPO Certificate Autoenrollment Not Triggering

    Hi, I have a test environment (using a trial license which expires next week!) with a few Windows and CentOS VMs (and a DC and a CA).

    I've configured a single GPO to autoenrol certificates for servers and users (all in the same OU). This works fine for…

  • AIX.5.3/VAS 3.5.2 and I broke a server

    I'm in way over my head.  My vas expert left the company.  I was moving some files from server to server in /etc/opt/quest/vas, and inadvertently copied everything in the folder to a different server.  As you probably guessed, this entirely broke the…

  • Operating System support for Ubuntu 16 - VAS 4.1.6

    Does Quest Authentication Services 4.1.6 (VAS) support Ubuntu 16.04 Operating System? We are going to have a vendor provided Appliance running Ubuntu 16.04 and wanted to have Authentication set up using VAS 4.1.6. Does it support Ubuntu 16.04 ? Please advise…

  • Sudo su – root command is not working in Solaris, however su with full path sudo /usr/bin/su – root is working.

    Sudo su – root  command is not working in solaris, however su with full path sudo /usr/bin/su – root is working. Facing this issue only with Solaris. What could be the issue here?

  • Unable to locate QAS Application Configuration

    i All,

    I'm very new to this product, I'm getting this error while trying to join the linux clients with AD.

    I have followed the installation manual and connected to AD as shown below the Authentication Services are installed.


    Kindly help me…

  • Authentication Services Maintenance release 4.1.1-22824 is now available

    The latest build of Authentication Services, the Change Log and ReadMe file can be obtained by visiting the following knowledge base article.


    This release of Quest Authentication Services will…

  • QAS: Problems after upgrading to Samba 3.6 and subsequently Samba 4.2


    I have a CentOS 6.7 box that was recently upgraded to run Samba 3.6 ( I know, I know, we're behind the ball).  After the upgrade, the shares on the server no longer worked.  

    I ended up upgrading to samba 4.2.10.  After running the vas-samba-config…