• AIX.5.3/VAS 3.5.2 and I broke a server

    I'm in way over my head.  My vas expert left the company.  I was moving some files from server to server in /etc/opt/quest/vas, and inadvertently copied everything in the folder to a different server.  As you probably guessed, this entirely broke the…

  • vgptool and audit logging on RHEL


    We've enabled audit logging on security relevant files.

    We see unnecessary  chown and chmod accesses to the group-override file.

    /etc/opt/quest/vas/group-override log entry:

    type=PROCTITLE msg=audit(09/08/2017 08:22:46.341:28049) : proctitle…

  • Specify sudoers files to be managed


    Since forever I wish i could specify a path to the sudoers file to be managed by vgptool.

    We want to enforce the contents of /etc/sudoers - which we can't if vgptool writes to this file.

    We would like to specify in vgptool config a path of /etc…