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KuppingerCole Report, Executive View: One Identity Safeguard Suite

Learn how you can better secure your privileged accounts

Read this Executive View report by leading IT analyst, KuppingerCole, which highlights the privileged access management (PAM) features and capabilities of One Identity Safeguard. See why the firm describes One Identity Safeguard as “a well-considered PAM solution that covers most of the bases for privileged management in modern computing environments.”

The report provides insights into One Identity’s privileged sessions, privileged analytics and privileged password management solutions, and describes how they can monitor and record the activities of privileged users and others that have elevated access to your critical resources. The report also discusses how the solutions easily integrate with other One Identity products and third-party PAM solutions to deliver comprehensive identity management capabilities.

In this report you can find:

  • An insightful PAM market overview
  • A list of essential components of PAM tools
  • Key operational, governance and regulatory requirements of privileged access
  • An easy-to-read breakdown of the One Identity Safeguard product suite