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Survey reveals old fashioned IAM processes still widely used, leaving organizations ripe for breaches and disruptions

One Identity’s far-reaching global survey, which focused on identity and access management (IAM) practices, collected data from more than 900 IT security professionals from around the globe, and found sobering realities and disconcerting conditions in how organizations handle user accounts and manage access rights.

Despite years of high-profile breaches, it turns out that a significant number of organizations still aren’t close to applying best practices to their IAM processes, which leaves them and their users vulnerable to attacks and data breaches. Is your company one of them? 

See the key findings from our survey to compare your organization’s IAM practices to respondents from around the world. The survey shows that:

  • Seventy-one percent of survey respondents harbor concerns about risk from dormant accounts
  • Just one in four are “very confident” that user rights and permissions are correct
  • Despite concerns, nearly a quarter of respondents audit accounts annually or less frequently - including two-percent that never audit!
  • Most respondents have some sort of process to identify dormant accounts, but less than 20 percent have tools to find and monitor them

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