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Quickly deploy MFA to secure your rapidly expanded remote workforce

With the current crisis, most organizations are requiring work-from-home programs. However without the proper tactics and solutions, implementing security for remote access can be difficult and time consuming. This is where a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution can help.


Right now, you don’t have a lot of time. Every minute that an employee is idle is lost productivity. With One Identity Defender, you can deploy quickly (hours, not days) and get your expanded remote workforce back working as if they were in the office.


One Identity Defender is a tested and proven MFA solution. It integrates with your Active Directory infrastructure. In as quickly as a two hours, you can deploy an enterprise-wide MFA program. To accelerate adoption, Defender includes user self-registration and integrates with software tokens, which means you save time by not worrying about the logistics of token distribution and setup.


To see how easy deployment is, read our Installing and Configuring Defender: The Quick Start Guide. It covers how you can:

  • Deploy quickly and efficiently
  • Get your users introduced to Defender
  • Enable a secure way to access resources

​​Please note that our Technical Support team is fully staffed and ready to help with Defender deployment questions.

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