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Hacking AD: Lessons from a Penetration Tester

Hacking AD: Lessons from a Penetration Tester Globally, more than 95 percent of Fortune 1000 companies rely on Active Directory (AD) for authentication and single-sign-on support for their user
populations. As it is nearly everywhere – in every company, organization and government agency – this makes AD a primary target for attackers looking
to steal your intellectual property, your customer data or to hold your data for ransom.

We often hear about catastrophic attacks against companies, organizations and government agencies and even wonder how many happen that we don’t hear about. Most of these enterprise-level attacks were either enabled by poor AD security or AD provided the mechanism to further the attack. Knowing your Active Directory and how to protect it is a constantly evolving task. So understanding the vulnerabilities as well as technology designed to protect is critical.

To provide the best protection for any system, you must stay vigilant in your field and use all the right tools.

Learn prevention strategies from this white paper to keep your environment secure. Download to glean simple changes that can significantly elevate your security posture.

Hacking AD: Lessons from a Penetration Tester