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Unified hybrid Active Directory

Unified hybrid Active Directory

Active Directory is everywhere and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), its cloud-based cousin, is growing rapidly. Azure AD is not simply a cloud-based copy of an on-prem AD instance. It is a wholly separate environment. In other words, in organizations where on-prem AD and Azure AD coexist and are equally critical to success, the organization – and the IT team – must manage a two-part, hybrid AD environment. That's why you need to read this eBook.

In it, you will learn about five challenges that most organizations must overcome as they attempt to navigate the transition to a hybrid AD implementation.

Get your own copy to read about how One Identity Active Roles can help you:

  • Manage your entire hybrid environment with one solution
  • Avoid common implementation mistakes
  • Ensure your AD/Azure AD data is synched cleanly
  • Elevate security protecting admin accounts
  • Leverage workflow templates to accelerate deployment
Unified hybrid Active Directory

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