• ARS 7.4.3 - Allow users to reset their own password using ARS Self Service Portal

    Recently Installed ARS 7.4.3 and wanted to allow users to reset ONLY their own password and they should not be able to search any other objects in AD using the Self Service Portal.
    Anyone implemented this solution and what are the steps you have done.

  • Resetting a users account within active roles just hangs


    We are having an issue when we log in to active roles console and attempt to reset a users password where upon clicking ok after setting the password it just hangs indefinitely. Other operations within AR still work fine but not password resets…

  • Fine Grained Password Policies

    I'm disappointed to see that in ARS 7.2, still, the Generate Password function does not take into account Fine Grained Password Policies.

    Has anyone else found a way to get around this? I have different departments that need to have different length…

  • change user password via workflow

    I would like to automate the KRBTGT user password reset via a workflow as a countermeasure to the Golden ticket problem.

    I've tried to set up a workflow that makes works as follow


    search activity looks for users  in active directory with condition samaccountname…