Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

A number of across-the-board updates rolled out including

UI Performance Improvements:   A number of updates rolled out targeting improved UI response.  These updates are targeted at IARI administrators that manage a large number of objects.  For example the high risk account view is now more responsive for tens of thousands of objects and beyond.

Notifications:  A number of new events were added for Notifications.  Notifications are now generated for events related to collector agent status and for rules processing.  These notifications give the IARI administrator additional insights into the status of their IARI deployment.  As a reminder these Notifications can be see within the UI but can also be forwarded to a central log server.

Rule Customizations:  Risk classification rules now support the ability to edit the rule names and descriptions.  These allow for a more customized set of rules tailored to your specific environment.  IARI administrators can use these new customizations along with existing rules to personalize their environment.  These are especially useful, for example, when targeting Active Directory as you can create custom rules to watch specific AD groups, and use descriptions to label the purpose of the AD group

Dashboard Charts:  The Dashboard charts for totals and high risk accounts were updated to display up to 30 days of history (an increase over the 7 days previously available).  An IARI Administrator can see a longer timeline to understand trends and changes in their environment.

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