Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

First a quick congratulations to all the teams involved with the official launch of Starling Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence!  It was a total team effort across the business.  We're excited but realize the official launch is just a starting place to some of the exciting and expanding features we have planned.

Preview replaced with Trial: You'll notice that Identity Analytics is out of preview mode.  If you had a preview subscription prior it will have been reset to a trial subscription.  A self-service 30 day trial is available to anyone and if you need or want to extend your trial you can reach out to me direct (my email can be found in my profile).

Licensing View: The navigation options were updated and a new view was added. You can find this new view under 'Configuration - Licensing'.  This view adds some admin capabilities including the ability to purge any collected data.  If you are testing against an instance of Active Roles server and would like to purge any of the collected data, this is the view to use.  In addition to the new purge option the licensing admin views were updated.  They will reflect how much time is left on your current trial and detail license usage and source. 

Access Verification: A significant new feature is the Verification feature.  A new role was added so that there are now two roles for Identity Analytics:  administrator and verifier.  When you invite someone to collaborate with your identity analytics subscription you can designate their role in your sandbox, or organization.  On the rules evaluation view for any high risk account, you can now request that someone review the high risk and decide if the risk is acceptable.  This feature adds a governance aspect to the concept of high risk and high risk access.  A couple important concepts about verification is that it is on-demand and contextual.  That is an admin can send out a verification request at any time.  The information in the request is very specific to the account and the identified high risk access (entitlements) for the account.  The person that receives the verification request can approve or deny and the results are displayed for the admin.  There is also a view provided for admins to see history of workflows and provide some workflow management (cancel, re-send).  The exciting aspect of this new features is that now Identity Analytics can take an action when high risk is identified in the form of letting the business weigh-in on whether the high risk is acceptable or not.

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