The Starling Platform:

Maintaining control over who, and what, has access to your Starling tenant: Our Software as a Service (Starling) offerings continue to expand.  As the person responsible for your Starling tenant, that is the Starling tenant administrator, it is important to understand who and what has access to your tenant.  With this latest release we've expanded our access report views to include not just users, but also objects like clients and joined products.  For example, one of the Starling solutions installs an agent.  This agent is securely authorized to communicate with your starling tenant.  As an administrator, you want to see how many of these agents are installed and can access your starling tenant.   Also we recently rolled out a program where existing One Identity on-prem customers can "join" their product to Starling and thus enable a number of new cloud-delivered features that enhance their on-prem product.   Starling tenant admins need to keep track of which on-prem products have been "joined" so they understand the full scope of the access they've granted.  That is, they need to maintain visibility and control over Starling access.  And across all the Starling SaaS solutions it is possible to collaborate with other people.  That is one or more people can have one or more roles to one or more Starling products within your organization.  A Staring tenant administrator can see all users with access and what roles/permissions they have to each Starling product. This enhanced access view is now available to a starling tenant administrator right after they login.  The view is accessible on the initial landing page by selecting the Access Summary option across the top nav bar.  

Starling Two-Factor Authentication:

Enhanced subscription/license views for One Identity Hybrid Subscription users: If you are a hybrid subscription customer now in your Starling 2FA tenant you’ll see a new view that will show  if you are an active subscriber and your licenses: total and in use. Plus if you also have a Starling 2FA full license you’l be able to see both those metrics so that is more clear how many licenses of both types are in use. This new view in your Starling 2FA tenant is a small enhancement related to our new service “Hybrid Subscription”, if you’re curious to know more read this

Starling Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

Make Best Practices your Best Practices… with the introduction of Best Practices rules around computers and users, we recognize that you have your own ideas for what Best Practices are, so we are introducing the capability to customize these best practices to fit your environments. When you close the Best Practices rules, you can customize the settings to fit your own best practices.

 New Entitlement View of Risk: When we created IARI, we had a view on risk from our rules and how risk was scored. With this latest release, we’re pivoting to showing you an entitlements view of risk. You can see the rules where the entitlements were discovered, and on which particular objects the entitlements apply – and then switch back and forth, giving you a whole new perspective on risk and how it can help or hurt you. We’re looking for your feedback on how we can best help you envision and control risk.

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