Reference data mapping in 1IM to 1IM Sync project where UID's are different

Hi All,

I had thought this would have a simple solution, so perhaps I am missing something obvious.  I am setting up a sync project (v7.1.4) from one 1IM environment to another one 1IM environment.

The only issue is the UIDs in use are different on both environments, so some virtual properties are needed in the mapping (for this example, UID_PersonHead).

On the left side I have the following virtual property:

Name: vrt_ManagerCentralAccount

Type: Object Reference

Route: UID_PersonHead.UID_PersonHead.CentralAccount

On the right side I have the following virtual property:

Name: vrt_PersonHead

Type: Key Resolution

Base Property: UID_PersonHead

Schema: Person

Search Property: CentralAccount

Result Property: UID_Person

I then have a mapping between these 2 properties with the direction being towards target system.

Checking the UID_PersonHead field on both 1IM DBs I can see they have a value, however if I run the sync the result is the UID_PersonHead value being updated with a null value.

Any clues on where I am going wrong?