Unwanted update Processes


We have One Identity Manager V 7.1.1 connected to a target system A.

A process listens to UPDATE event on PERSON table and trigger update to target system A.

On table PERSON , we have custom fields that can be changed with other processes. This trigger unwanted  UPDATE processes to target system A.

Question : in place of basing this process on events upon the whole PERSON table, could we base it upon only a subset of datas in this table (firstName, lastName, DateOfbirth)?

Can we achieve this using other tables (unsAccount), or Ressources ? and how ?

Thank you 

  • Every process, not the event, has a generation condition that defines if a process needs to be executed if the attached event is fired.

    In the generation condition of your processes, you can check if a specific property has been updated.

    Sample gen. condition:

    If $FirstName[C]$ or $LastName[C]$ or $BirthDate:Date[C]$ Then
        Value = True
        Value = False
    End If