Infinite loop error while trying to update the 'ISINACTIVE' field to false for an external user due to 'Exit Date' template

Hi there,

I'm getting the error 'Found Infinite loop while logic handling' while trying to update the 'IsInactive' field for an external user (from true to false), exit date is in the future.

It's looking like there is an issue with 'ExitDate' template:

If $IsExternal:Bool$ AndAlso String.IsNullOrEmpty($ExitDate$) Then
'Set exitdate for new external persons 1 year in the future
Value = Date.Now.AddMonths(CInt(Session.Config.GetConfigParm("Custom\Person\ValidityPeriodExternals"))).ToUniversalTime
ElseIf $[IsLoaded]:Bool$ AndAlso $IsInActive:bool$ AndAlso Not $IsInActive[o]:bool$ AndAlso Not $IsDummyPerson:bool$ _
And ($ExitDate:Date$ = DBVal.MinDate Or $ExitDate:Date$ > Date.Today) And $IsExternal:Bool$ Then
Value = Date.Today
ElseIf Not $IsInActive:bool$ AndAlso $IsInActive[o]:bool$ AndAlso Not $IsDummyPerson:bool$ AndAlso $IsExternal:Bool$ Then
Value = DBVal.MinDate
End If

The 'IsInactive' column template is empty.

When I remove this template of ExitDate, I'm able to update 'IsInactive' value to false.

Can somebody tell me why the infinite loop error is occuring out here?