• SSO Problem for Angular Web Portal (API Designer)

    Hello Everyone,

    We are using One Identity Manager 9.2 and Angular Web Portal. We applied following resoulutions but we have been lasting to get error. "The current user could not be determined."


  • We can not login to Api Designer with active directory


    We can login Api Designer with an identity , on the other hands we have been trying to login Api Designer with acitve directory , but we couldn't. We have an active directory releated identity. We don't think that there is a problem fot active directory…

  • Swagger-UI Message "Could not render ue, see the console"


    we are testing first queries for the API server with version 9.1.1.
    We were able to add our company logo to the new portal using the KB article.

    With the Swagger UI doc we want to create and test more queries - but in the Swagger UI we get the following…

  • Disable HTML Development in version 8.1

    Hello Together,

    I am currently working on some custom API Points in One Identity version 8.1. As far as I understood it the compilation of the Angular and NodeJS components is per default disabled. I also checked the configuration parameter "HTMLDevelopment…

  • API Designer/swagger generation: Distinct description for every method

    I wonder if there's a way to tell the generation process to use a description per HTTP method, not (only) per endpoint


            .Handle<TestData>("PUT", (t, r) => { })

  • API-Designer: Duplicate operationIds in the swagger definition

    When we define API methods like

    builder.AddMethod(Method.Define("obj").HandleGet(qr => "list of objs"));
    builder.AddMethod(Method.Define("obj/{id}").WithParameter("id", isInQuery: false).HandleGet(qr => "single obj"));…

  • CompositionAPI independent Datatypes

    If I use HandleByQuery or HandleBySqlStatement I get have a resulting json which reflects the DB structure.

    Now I need to provide a REST API for querying some date in the IdentityManager and I want to use my own DateStructure for the resulting json.

  • How to return HTTP Status Codes from API?

    I want to return proper status codes if something went wrong, e.g. 404 if a resource is not found or 403 if the permission is not sufficient.

    In .net web api, one can express that with the return type. If you use IHttpActionResult or HttpResponseMessa…

  • Restrict API method to permission group(s)

    Is there a way to restrict the api methods by role (or user)? I can't see anything (on the method builder, the class, or even the API file) but a manual check.

    As a workaround, we use qr.Session.Principal.IsInRole inside every method, but I search fo…

  • How to access typed wrappers in API Designer?

    I wonder if there's a (easy) way to use the typed wrappers in an API project (8.1.4).

    We have a workaround with a self-generated model dll, but since there is already a generated file there should be a way to use it (without the need to deal with…

  • How to translate texts in API Designer?

    I have a custom API project (OI 8.1.2) and want to return translated values e.g. error messages. I search for something like translate("#LDS#xyz") from Web Designer but I can't find anything.

    The compiler states that there are hundreds of…

  • REST API xml data instead json


    1IM 8.1.2

    I need call rest api methods with xml data instead json. 

    How can I do it? 

  • Compiling HTML Applications (API Server UI) for Operations Support Portal

    1IM 8.1

    I enabled Compile HTML5 Applications options (QBM\HtmlDevelopment\Compiler). After I run compile HTML applications but compiling not finishing (API Server UI (Debug) step)

    Any ideas?