• Problem with button “Deny” in Attestation Workflows.

    When we deny an attestation approval, the product shows the next error:

    We have check if the product doesn’t have the required dll (ATT.CompositionApi.dll), and we have check if the script has any error, but it compiles normally.


    Error executing…

  • attestation case workflow issue

    Hi Team,

    WE have an attestation policy to re-certify Azure AD accounts.

    It has 4 step approval workflow and at the last step if approval step timeouts then we have kept the case as denied but Accounts are not getting disabled after attestation gets…

  • Attestation workflow: Unsubscribe after Automatic removal of system entitlement memberships

    I setup an "Automatic removal of system entitlement memberships" policy, but I need to have it kick off the "Unsubscribe" method after the entitlement has been removed from the person record. How would I need to setup the final approval level?…