• One Identity Manager 8.1.5 Set Account Disabled on UNSAccountB when Fully Managed

    We have a custom target system that we sync to that has a account disabled property that is synced outside of OneIM using the OneIM API and the targets API. The only issue is setting account disabled on the UNSAccountB as the object is fully managed but…

  • Adding multiple custom target systems

    We have a requirement to have multiple custom target systems. Syncing data from the first one works fine and data is added from target system to UNSAccountB, UNSGroupB and UNSAccountHasUNSGroupB tables.

    However when we start syncing the next one, the…

  • Custom Target System User In Group Sync Error

    Full error:

    Error executing synchronization project (CXU Sync)'s workflow (CXU Sync).
    Workflow (CXU Sync) dependencies could not be resolved automatically.
    The dependency resolution for 16 rules has failed.
    The rule () from mapping (CXU User In Group…

  • Assigned account definition stuck in "Does not apply yet"

    I have a custom target system, and an account definition assigned to it.

    I have many users who have the account definition assigned via business roles without issue.

    Using Manager, I assigned the account definition directly to two people.

    For the first…

  • Adding Custom Target Systems

    Hello everyone,

    After connecting with lot's of custom target systems, I started to have problems with the UNSAccountB table, I had to extend the table for each target system...

    I was trying to create a table for each custom target system, like ADS…

  • Modelling roles in custom target system


    I have a custom target system that I have set up with Scripted Synchronization. I can set up account insert/modify/delete through the scripts without issue. Each account in the system belongs to one and only one role, and that's what I'm having…

  • Synchronization Editor: Test connection failure after import sync project


    1IM 8.1 (2019-01-21-108).

    I have imported Native Database sync project to PostgreSQL database (via .projshell file)

    When I click Test button (In Target System) for check connection to the PostgreSQL database see error: "Data source name not found…

  • Control custom target system group through AD group

    I have a custom target system whose groups we would like to manage through AD. The custom target system is already script synchronized (so CCC_UnsAccountBInUnsGroupB_<name>_Add and CCC_UnsAccountBInUnsGroupB_<name>_Del are already implemented).…

  • ObjectGUID in 1IM not update after provisionning to Target System


    1IM 8.1

    I created Sync Project Native database connector to PostgreSQL DB.

    I created mappings 1IM <-> PostgreSQL.

    Roles created in PostgreSQL correct. But ObjectGUID in 1IM UNSAccountB not update after provisionning.

    Force mapping against…

  • Membership in PostgreSQL role


    1IM 8.1

    I created Native Database Connection (ADO.Net) for PostgreSQL DB. 

    I created mappings UNSAccountB <-> pg_user view in PostgreSQL, UNSGroupB <-> pg_group view in PostgreSQL. 

    Create and removing groups and users in PostgreSQL works…

  • Configuring UNSAccountBInUNSGroupB Synchronization

    I am trying to setup a synchronization from a target system into the UNS-B tables via the PowerShell connector in 8.1.4, and while I can import the user and group data into their respective tables, I'm not getting the group memberships to import into…

  • Linking AD group to custom target system account

    I have set up a custom target system so that the account definition is tied to several business roles, so that certain Persons are automatically assigned an account based on this.

    My question is, how do I tie an AD group to this account definition/account…

  • Unable to sync data in UNSACCOUNB table


    I am working on version 8.1.3 and I am using custom target system and trying to read the data from target system. I have created mapping, workflows, start up configuration for the same. When I execute "Simulate" in start up configuration, it shows…

  • Need clarity | Creating UNSAccountB from account definition on employee creation

    Hi fellow experts,

    I hope everyone is save and healthy.

    I've configured an account definition for a custom target system and mapped it with a business role (assigned using a dynamic rule). So the creation of UNSAccountB is happening and using the generic…

  • Error generating process step Call Script VI_UnsAccount_


    I wrote script for add user to Oracle Database.

    I created process (Insert Event to UNSAccountB table) for create the user.

    When I create user in Manager, I got error:

    Got exception during generation of chain 'VI_UnsAccountB_Generic': Error generating…

  • Error generating process step Call Script VI_UnsAccount_Ident_UNSRoot_Event


    I wrote script for add user to Oracle Database. 

    I created process (Insert Event to UNSAccountB table) for create the user. 

    When I create user in Manager, I got error: 

    Got exception during generation of chain 'VI_UnsAccountB_Generic': Error generating…

  • Mapping to UNSAccountB error

    When mapping a custom target system (e.g. OrangeHRM) to UNSAccountB, I have configured the target system entry in 1IM "UNSRootB" and the synchronization project mappings, but when I execute the synchronization, I get the error: "[810077] UNSAccountB: The…