• Unable to Encrypt configuration parameter.

    Hi All,

    I am creating a new configuration parameter to save an account password, but I am not able to enable the Encrypted check box present for the configuration parameter. The database encryption is also on.

    we are using version 8.2 and launching the…

  • Export Report in Analyzer tool


    I would like to know if there is any way to export report of analysis done for role mining from Analyzer tool?


  • In V9.0 LTS profileHasAuthObjectField step, while synching SAP authorization details from Target System it is not synching the data when records are huge

    In V9.0 LTS profileHasAuthObjectField step, while synching SAP authorization details from Target System it is not synching the data when records are huge.

    This step at first instance was supposed to fetch around 80 millions of records which is not able…

  • Database error 515: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Queue', table 'OneIMProdDatabase.dbo.JobQueue'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

    Hi All,

    After migrating from 8.1.1 to 8.1.4 we are facing below error while configuring the job server. Please suggest.

    Error during execution of statement: insert into QBMServerHasDeployTarget (UID_QBMDeployTarget, UID_QBMServer, xdateinserted, xuserinserted…

  • [Regarding TSBAccountDefinition deprovisioning & Ex0Mailbox-XMarkedForDeletion]

    Dear One Identity Community,

    [Regarding TSBAccountDefinition deprovisioning & Ex0Mailbox]

    When removing the TSBAccountDefinition of a mailbox – I would like to verify if it is plausible that an entry in Ex0MailUserAcceptRCPT can be made using the…

  • [813020] Component cannot be executed because required parameter 'ConnectionString, ConnectionProvider' are missing.

    Hi All,

    In DEVELOPMENT environment we are not able to see parameters for many of the OOTB processes and seems like none of the OOTB processes are working.

    All process steps are red in color.

    OOTB process steps with script components are missing the values…

  • Automatic Failover of SQL Agents - Always-On Availability Groups

    Dear colleagues

    I am working on a large customer, wanting to migrate from a single SQL instance to a HA/DR setup using Always-On Availability Groups.

    The tricky part is the "HA" part, as setting up Availability Groups is a painless proces, and so is automatic…

  • SQL in IT shop - Filter on candidate objects

    I want to use Filter to show items in a list (Database column selection).

    I want to use complex query that looks like 

    Variable ("UID_ParentOrg IN (

    select BU =



                  SELECT count(O.UID_ParentOrg)

                  FROM Person U /* Filter on the ParentOrg of…

  • Not able to trigger an event from the script

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to generate an event from a script.

    I tested the script using Visual Studio its triggering the event but when I tested the same from designer it not triggering any event.

    If sapMandant.ALEShortName.Contains("ND2") Then
    Dim htParameter…

  • How to find the history of users when they are in and out of a business role through dynamic role calculation?

    HI All,

    I have been looking how can I get the history information of any user who is being assigned/removed from a Business role via. a dynamic role calculation. 

    When I click on "Reports - Overview with Business roles and user accounts(incl. history)"…

  • Employee Manager Role for only Active Employees

    Hello Experts,

    I have been trying to figure out a way to assign the Employee Manager role in OneIM to only those who have active persons listed as their direct report.  Currently if a person has an inactive employee listed it still assigns the employee…

  • One Identity 7.1 PersonWantsOrg - Person is not authorized to make requests at this point

    I have had this problem long ago using the API however the old forums posts are not helpful.

    Currently, in a mostly fresh install of One Identity 7.1 if I try to create a PersonWantsOrg request using Object Browser (logged in as viadmin) I get "This employee…

  • Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product


    Please help me to find out how to set the Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product. I couldn't able to get the information in the One IM documentation.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • cannot connect to database as it needs to be compiled.

    During the one IDM upgradation from 8.1.1 to 8.1.14 getting error while connecting - cannot connect to database as it needs to be compiled. since we couldn't connect the DB how to compile it?

  • How to provision a new AD account to a user using Roles

    We are new to One Identity and trying to provision a new AD account by assigning a business role. Below is our approach:

    1. Created a business role hierarchy as below:

               Business Role1 ----- Role Assignment (Account Definitions, Active Directory Groups…

  • Update multiple records through custom script

    Hi all,

    I want to write code to update fullsyncdate attribute of UNSAccountB table for 1000 accounts at a time, something similar as below

    Update UNSAccountB set FullSyncDate=DateTime.Now where cn in ('x','y'.....)

    But am not getting any…

  • Disabling a fully managed account without disabling the Person

    Hi everyone,

    I just came across a scenario where I have a person with accounts on many custom target systems (UNSAccountB). All accounts are fully managed accounts (they inherit accountdisabled check from Person). Now there is a requirement to disable…

  • Error while assigning SAP roles to the user

    I am getting the below error while trying to assign SAP roles to the user from synchronisation editor. Could someone please suggest am I getting this?

    The system.exception says Bitte ein Initialkennwort angebenwhich which translates to "Please enter an…

  • Need to understand the traffic generation from AD connector and Native Database connector


    We are using version 8.1.3 and we are using AD connector and Native Database connector which has connectivity with One IM database via Application Server. This is our QA environment and there is no major activity going on between One IM database…

  • Can I Alter Department View columns?


    Department's customproperties are too short.

    I have tried to extend department view to create new custom column but I can't choose "base column" because it's drop down list is blank.

    Is there any other way to alter department…

  • Customized page error after upgrade from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3


    Our OneIM on UAT environment just got upgraded from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3 with database upgraded via configuration wizard.

    Everything was fine except 3 customized web pages.

    The app server as well as web portal has been uninstalled and then re-installed…

  • Business Role owner cannot remove members

    we have around 300 business roles published as assignment resource on IT shop. Currently role owners can only see role information on IT shop.

    However, they annot remove members unlike manager of AD group, where group manager can remove members from…

  • Assign a Business role for managers that have direct reports in multiple locations.

    Hello Experts,

    I am trying to do something within OneIM for our company communications.  So the requirement is we have Location Based Distribution list that i have attached to Location based business role.  We have a Manager at Location A who gets the Location…

  • Few attributes in AD are not getting updated in One IM ADSAccount table


    We are using version 8.0. I have created a sync workflow to read the data from AD and update it in One IM. And object matching rule has ObjectGUID as primary rule. But few attributes like "Mail" is not getting updated in One IM while other attributes…

  • Service Now Module

    Hi ,

    I'm trying to install new module (SCN) service now in DB as per the below thread. I am using one identity Manager version 8.0.2.


    Error occurs…