• One Identity 7.1 PersonWantsOrg - Person is not authorized to make requests at this point

    I have had this problem long ago using the API however the old forums posts are not helpful.

    Currently, in a mostly fresh install of One Identity 7.1 if I try to create a PersonWantsOrg request using Object Browser (logged in as viadmin) I get "This employee…

  • How to Trigger a custom task if any changes happened in any attribute of Person Table

    I have requirement as when any attribute of user updated in person Table via feed file ,i need to trigger custom script in One idm. How can i Achieve this.Please provide a solution.

  • Error during execution of 'OnInitialize' in logic module 'EX0.Customizer.EX0Mailbox'. Version string portion was too short or too long.

    Suddently when we open the mailbox object from LIAM we are getting this above error "Error during execution of 'OnInitialize' in logic module 'EX0.Customizer.EX0Mailbox'.
    Version string portion was too short or too long." 


  • while ADSAccount Update we are getting an error like "A constraint violation occurred ".How can i solve this.

    while updating ADSAccount for user ,it showing an error like this


    A constraint violation occurred.

    Object not committed successfully. Retrying using single property commit.
    Property accountExpires should be set.
    Property company should be set.

  • Default AD groups are not assigning automatically to user according to their location

    i have configured an AD group and assigned  this group to a particular location .So when  new user created ,then according to their location they will get that AD group.But previously it  worked fine.but now it is not working properly.I can see some users…

  • issue in Synchronization log

    we have a  situation like ,a user available in AD and but user not available in DELL one idm ADSAccount.So in synchronization log i could an error like " error during execution of "setValues" in logic module VI.DB.Entities.EntityScriptLogic .conversion…

  • Why Outstandings AD objects are created in Dell one.What is the cause for creating object.

    we are using Dell one Idm and we have AD target.When i go to Manager tool->target synchronization;Active directory ,i can see many user and their AD groups .Why these user listed as Outstanding object.

    These user are member of respectice AD groups…