• SOD rule

    We have two roles available on IT Shop:

    - Business Role A 

    - Business Role B

    How to create an SOD which prevents user to submit request if the user is not member of both A & B roles ?

  • Google Workspace groups: Value 'ALL_OWNERS_CAN_CONTACT' is not valid for field 'Contact owners'


    I have upgraded to the version 9.0 LTS from 8.1.5 and I received the below error message in a Google Workspace connector. 

    [810306] Error running 'CheckValues' in logic module 'VI.DB.Entities.ValueFormatEntityLogic'.
  • Importing Angular project into database (1IM 9.0 LTS)

    So I've created a custom qer-app-portal Angular project and I'm trying to import it into the database following the instructions posted in the "OneIM_HTML5_Development_Guide".   Since inserting images isn't working right now, I'm just…