• Primary Location selection from Web portal - Slow to display list

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is something special I need to do in the Web portal to get the list show up quicker?

    I have the Primary Location (UID_Locality) as a selection on the web portal for when employees update or create a person record.


  • Issue with unsubscribe request in IT Shop

    Hi everyone,

    we are having troubles with the unsubscribe request for an item assigned to an user that is not a subordinate.

    We are using One Identity version 8.2, the user we are using to do the request from Web portal has the employee administrator application…

  • Content Slider appearance issue in Identity Manager 8.1.5

    Hi all,

    I am using Content Slider component for showing products in a row on new request page. After migration to version 8.1.5 the slider works incorrect. It always hides and fades few last items as on the picture below.

    Before migration we used version…

  • Unsubscribe multiple subscriptions for multiple users and products

    I am trying to unsubscribe several subscriptions for multiple users and products. When i use method unsubscribe in the object browser, I can only do this one by one. When selecting more than one order, I get the error message "Request procedures: Write…

  • Cannot load all data from the collection (personwantsorg)


    I want to load a collection (PersonWantsOrg) in Web Portal. I have put loading collection in Initializer part. The collection is loaded successfully but the collection shows just data of user who entered the web portal. There is no any condition…

  • Web Portal using Docker image

    trying to install the WebPortal using the Docker image here https://hub.docker.com/r/oneidentity/oneim-web

    with the linux-amd64-8.2 tag and the following environment variables/secrets:

    export APPLICATIONTOKEN=abcdef
    export APPSERVERCONNSTRING="http:/…

  • Angular development 8.2

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to setup the new Angular web portal and I'm following the development guide,

    Currently I'm in "Creating applications" page and in step 14 I get this error [57323002] The process exited with code "1". You can view the output…

  • UI 8.2

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to setup the new Angular web portal and I'm following the HTML 5 development guide,

    Currently I'm in "Creating a development folder" and I didn't know how to do this step:

    You must perform the following actions…

  • Web Portal login and uninstall error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running One Identity Manager 8.1.5, and when I try to login using the web portal I get the error below.

    Sometimes the error is different: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.".

    I also tried to uninstall…

  • Export View Log from Reports

    Hello community,

    I need to audit to see a log of the exported views of the web portal reports.

    Do you know if view exports are recorded in a table?

    If they are not logged automatically, is there a way to enable logging of view exporters?

    Best regards

  • Clicking on Advanced Search in IT-shop takes 15 minutes before simple filter dialog is shown

    In the IT-shop I'm going to Request History. When I click on the link 'Advanced Search' it takes about 15 minutes to show a simple dialog. In the dialog its possible to set search filters. For example the 'Requests submitted by me for others' is a very…

  • Is there an effective way to show items in the ITShop for single role applications?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a single role application and i want to show the items in the ITShop in a way that makes clear this fact. I would like to force the user to select either a role or another, someting like a dropdown to select the role he/she wants. 

  • View a report with three related tables

    Hello Community,

    I have made a report with the report editor tool which contains three related tables and in the preview it is displayed well but when I request an email with the report from the web portal and download it, only the data of two tables…

  • "You can request delegation for these employees" configuration is set to IsInActive=0 however still able to delegate approvals to these inactive employees


    I want to have all inactive employees as much wiped from the web portal as possible, especially for delegation. Currently can still search in the web portal and find all inactive employees which would like to also remove and keep it just in the One…

  • View Report Editor reports from the web portal


    I want to see a report that I have created with the report editor from the web portal, but when I link it I always get the same error that the table cannot be found.

    How can I view the report that I have created from the report editor on the web…

  • Web portal force re-authentification

    Hello everyone,
    I'm working with OneIdentity Manage version 8.1.4 and I have a question about the webportal, is there a module or a way to force re-authentication on the webportal during an action, like submitting a request?

  • IT Shop event through custom script

    Dear All,

    At the moment I am working on changing a feature in the IT Shop during the Request phase through a custom script in Designer, but I still haven't figured out how to write and invoke it.

    Specifically, I need a check on the specifications of the…

  • Register new user from web portal

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a beginner with 1IM and maybe this is a simply question: I want to allow employees to access the web portal and, from there, register new external users, showing them a form to fill out.
    Is this a default feature of Identity Manager…

  • Edit IT Shop Request Page

    Dear all,

    I'm trying to edit the Request Page of the IT Shop, however I can't seem to find a correct way to do it.

    I would like to make 2 main changes:

    1. I need the "include child categories" field to appear selected when the page is opened;…

  • About Search Field in Web Portal


    I have a question about search field in web portal.Our customer does not want to search from the filter icon. They want to search in the search field above. When we search from this field, it searches by a specific column (for example, ident_org…

  • Fetching Data from standard view going into infinite loop for some users during Web Portal login, no issue during tool login

    Currently a few test users in one of our Pre-production environment are having logon issues while logging on to the web portal. The issue is that once they try to logon using their username and password (authentication method - Employee (role based) they…

  • Load balancer and DB status check

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running One Identity Manager 8.1.5 in an environment with two web servers connected via load balancer. I know I can use the monitor or the Web Portal URL in order to make an health check for the server but I would like to ask if there…

  • Web designer - Upload file error - maximum file size


    in the Web Designer tool I added the "Upload File" node, but when I set a maximum file size (for example 10)  I get the following error message:

    Error code: CS1061; Error description: VI_Employee_EditMasterData.cs(641,28): 'VI.WebRuntime…

  • Web Designer. How to concatenate text from multiple rows of collection into a single property ShoppingCartItem?


    1IM 8.1.2. 

    I filled custom collection values and I need concatenate text from multiple rows of the collection into a single property ShoppingCartItem.

    For example 

    Custom collection:







  • Change Web Portal window colors


    When I log in to the Portal Web and I select general information of an employee, I see several colored windows (for example the window below it`s orange). Can I change the color of this windows?

    Thank you,