• Suggestion Required to resolve : [1025314] Document (Job server) could not be opened! Error

    Product Version : identity manager 8.0.0

    I am getting below error when I click on Basedata->Installation->Job Server

    [1025314] Document (Job server) could not be opened!
    An item with the same key has already been added.
    at VI.DialogEngine.DialogEngine…

  • Import from CSV to AD

    Hello everybody,

    I try to establish the import from a csv file to the Active Directory with Quick Connect. My Situation is i get a file from human resources where the data are out of the hr tool. I get it in Excel so I save it as CSV.

    I use this CSV to…

  • Can Quick Connect sync ObjectGUID value (which is a string data type) to a target as a correct data type?


    Is there a way to convert the format of the object GUID of a user to can synchronize it with QC?

    I want synchronize the objectGUID from the ADSAccount to AD LDS attribute (with QC), In the LDS attribute the data is stored as a String, and it's not…

  • Enable-MailUser


    I need to build a process to mail-enable a user an external email address for office 365.

    Does anyone have an example I can use?

    Thank you,

    Lucius Rigunay

  • Defaultemail address issue

    Hi Expert,

    I am facing issue ,When I am trying to create new accounts ,defaultemail address is appending with number 1.


    1.I have one user profile (AD obect) with samaccountname=XYZ in ADSacontainer as a unmanaged but the same user is not exist…

  • Trigger a script/process when a user is assigned a system role

    I am new to D1IM and need to run a script when a user is assigned a system role eg. X1 is the role name. The same script vil run for much similar system roles which will come in future such as X2 X3 etc.

    As per what i have used I see the processes are…

  • Assigning an employee a system roles which creates a record in PersonHasesettotal does not triiger process


    I have created a process on INSERT event on PersonHasEsetTotal tabel. In rode to test when i treid to assign System role to the user , the process did not get triggered but it got triggered via:


    Why does manually assigning sustem role which actually…

  • Error when trying to restore saved view settings for attestation columns in 7.0

    So we are generating some custom attestation cases based on a user request. The cases appear to generate and assign correctly to their perspective approvers. After attestation cases are generated, users enter the attestation screen and can view and approve…

  • Connection provider to connect to Siebel database from IM process

    Can I use Value = "VI.DB.Oracle.ViOracleFactory, VI.DB.Oracle" in Connection provider when I try to connect to a remote siebel db.

    My Connection String is:

    Value = "User Id=<user name>;Password=xyz;Server=<server ip>;Direct=True;Sid=<SID>"…

  • Problem with OOTB report - "User account operations" - Headers missing from CSV attachment

    In D1IM 7.0 I am subscribed to the OOTB report, "User account operations" that shows all user account operations for a specified period. I have already configured the base data to log these operations and to be clear the report looks fine when…