• Changing Hostname of a JobServer in the Designer

    I have a scenario where I have two job servers (one active and one is passive state), both are configured with similar machine roles, both are in different data centers.

    Currently I want to failover my primary job server to the passive one by changing…

  • Getting error in processes when multiple sql processing jobs are getting executed


    I am getting below error when 200-300 sql processing jobs are getting executed in parallel. 

    [810143] Database error 0: Timeout attempting to open the connection. The time period elapsed prior to attempting to open the connection has been exceeded…

  • "[System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception] The network path was not found" Error in Job service logs


    We have configured 2 job servers local and remote. Local job server connects to DB directly whereas Remote job server connects to DB via App server. We have added "SQL processing Server" function to Remote job server and it is able to process sql…