• How to select internal manager only?


    I have to configure a template that allows me to select just an internal manager when I'm creating an user through One Identity Manager, so an user's manager cannot be external. This is the template I wrote but it still allows me to insert an…

  • How to configure an attribute based on how the user is created?

    I have to configure a template where the ImportSource attribute has a value if the creation of a user comes from CSV, otherwise it has another value assuming the creation of the user comes from the user portal.
    How can I distinguish these two cases…

  • How to generate a unique progressive sequence number in a script?

    I am facing templates for the first time. How can I generate the Central User Account in the form "X" + a progressive number (the number should be retrieved from a "sequence" stored on the DB)?
    Thank you

  • Move managed Account task not updating new personnel number in AD

    Hello Experts,

    Move Managed account task is not updating new personnel number in ADS record Employeenumber field.

    I have included below comments in my code but still Employeenumber  is not updating in ADS.

    Is re-apply template only the workaround for…

  • How to work with custom mail template?

    Hello experts!


    We wrote a script, the result from this script, we want it to be displayed in the letter that is sent to the user by event.


    I created a mail template, i write                  $SCRIPT(ССС_Test)$

    The recipient receives                                   $SCRIPT(ССС_Test)$


    And there…

  • Synchronization project connecting CSM and UCI to use the UCI_Web portal for manual provisioning

    Hi There,

    We like to keep track of a cloud application in Identity Manager. As described in the documentation we like to use the "manual provisioning" option of the CSM module and UCI_Web portal.

    All installed so far, but now I am missing the…

  • Data export of not-triggered columns.


    In out project we have special rules regarding a "default email address" column in a table Person. We construct addresses with help of a special script that is called in a template of the column. But we suspect that not all active identities have…

  • Template not firing when $IsInActive$ true

    Dear Community,

    I have a basic template in XXXX.Person that should empty the field when the person is disabled (please see  the template below). It works perfectly when I check the IsInactive box, but when the value true is put in place by a process (HandleObjectComponent…

  • Where are the original DialogColumn Template values stored?

    Hello OneIM People,

    Using object browser, if you expand the template of a DialogColumn e.g. Person.CentralAcocunt, by clicking the arrow; one can view the ootb template of that column under "Original Value".

    To no surprise, there is no column…

  • How to get old value in Template

    Hi Experts 

    I have a template in ADSAccount, where I need to take decision  based on one of the attribute $ExtensionAttribute1$. The value of this property comes from person.

    If property represent the type, If type changes I need to put some logic. 

    If …

  • Fire custom event from template

    In Identity Manager 6.1.3, how can I start / fire a custom event of a process out of a template?

  • Fire Template from Code

    How can I fire a template from code.

    dbObject.ExecuteTemplates() does nothing.

    I know there is this a way with sql (exec vid_InsertForHandleObject_0 'ExecuteTemplates', 'Person', '', @ProcID=newid) but I do not want to call sql from code, it should actually…