• Unable to connect to ServiceMax application using SCIM connector


    I am using version 8.1.3 and trying to connect to ServiceMax using SCIM connector. I have used Oauth authentication and authentication endpoint used is "services/oauth2/token". URI used is "services/scim/v2". I have put valid client id, client…

  • Synchronization Editor and SCIM


    I want to provision users in a cloud system that has SCIM 2.0 available. But when I'm trying to create a system connection the test fails everytime with the following (albeit short) error message:

    2020-06-23 11:44:51.5525 ERROR (SystemConnector…

  • Synchronization template for SCIM not available


    We are setting up a Synchronization porject in order to connect to a SCIM Interface, we are followinf the guide at :