• SPE Errors when VPN is disconnected.

    Hello all,

    We have a VPN for users to connect to in order to access most of the systems they need for their work, which is installed and recomended on all of our clients. They must log in via the VPN in most cases.

    Today, our SPE has started giving the…

  • How can I configure send email notification when reset password workflow Failed

    Hi All, 

    I try to configure the workflow to send out the email notification if the reset password failed. 

    I add the action" email administrator if the workflow fails" to the workflow. but it seems cannot send out the email. I just test it by answering…

  • Error in Password Manager


    I have installed password manger 5.8.2 on windows server 2012,

    1. NET Framework 4.6.2

    2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) 

    when i am opening in Browser Applicaion Errro is occured.

    See the windows log


  • Password Manager 5.8.0 public hotfix - multiple fixes

    The following hotfix for Password Manager 5.8.0 is now available: