Very newbie questions, I apologize...

Hi to all, 

we are trying to configure SPS / SPP for our environment, that is based on a DMZ, where we have placed SPS, with one network interface in DMZ and another one in Corporate LAN, with the aim to use only SPS to generate connections to our target servers.

Now ,we are trying to reach an SSH server (Ubuntu) inside the DMZ from SPP, that is placed in Corporate LAN, using SPS as vector. At the moment we are blocked becouse SPP cannot discover SSH host Key.

Is it possible, or SPP must "see" directly the SSH Target? 

And another question: how can i see in SPP changes from SPS (e.g.: if i configure a new SSH connection in SPS, how can i propagate it to SPP, in order to see in Access Request Policies -> SPS Connection Policy?