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ARS 7.1.2 issue with web interface custom search commands


I'm upgrading to 7.1.2 and need to recreate 2 web interfaces I had created in 6.9 (or older), but I'm not getting the same results as in 6.9.

Both WIs are just supposed to show a list of users or groups the user is managing. So on each I'm creating a new command under the Active Directory object (edsDomainsCollection), with the type Search Task.

One is supposed to list out all users under a specific OU. So I set the search scope to Subtree and the Base DN to the OU.

But the results are just all objects within Active Directory. So it is ignoring the Base DN and just comes back with the "Currently selected object", which is the Active Directory node.


On the other WI, I'm looking for all groups that the WI user is a manager of. I'm using the "Attribute scope query by this attribute:" option with msExchCoManagedObjectsBL, that contains a list of all the groups I'm set as an owner or secondary owner.

But it comes back with nothing.


This works fine in 6.9. Any idea why it wouldn't work in 7.1.2? (didn't work in 7.1 either).