Less return when Using QAD Powershell cmdlets


since we've upgraded to ARS 7.1.2 (Management Shell 7.1) the QAD Powershell cmdlets are returing nearly all attributes of objects (Groups, Users, Computers). Even if we dont include the attributes and only a few are required. For example: Only samAccountName and DN are required and the cmdlets returns Displayname, sn, givenname, className, Type, PrimarySMTPAddress, MemberOf, Notes, LastLogon and so on.

And why do the Changing cmdlets (Set-QADUser, Set-QADGroup) also return almost the whole attributes?

This slows down working with ARS via Powershell and is really annoying . Can we change the default attribute return sets or disable this 'feature'?


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  • I don't see the issue in the Quest Management Shell, but I did see that in the PowerShell ISE.

    When we upgraded - I felt the same way.  I was sure there must be a -TMI switch we could flilp off.

    Set-QADPSSnapinSettings is your friend.  :)
















    Example below provided by Mandie in 2013 from > mandie..net



    $attributes = Get-QADPSSnapinSettings -DefaultOutputPropertiesForUserObject
    $attributes += @("edsaAccountIsDisabled","employeeNumber","homeMDB","homeDirectory","homeDrive","msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress")
    Set-QADPSSnapinSettings -DefaultOutputPropertiesForUserObject $attributes



  • Thanks for your reply!

    Somehow this does not work for me. I've set the DefaultOutputPropertiesForUserObject to just samAccountName, DN, sn, givenname, but I still get the following attributes.

    objectClass, City, Company, Department, Email, Fax, FirstName, HomePhone, Initials, LastName, LogonName, Manager, MobilePhone, Office, Pager, PhoneNumber, PostalCode, PostOfficeBox, PrimaryGroupId, StateOrProvince, StreetAddress, Title, WebPage, HomeDirectory, HomeDrive, ProfilePath, LogonScript, UserPrincipalName, TsProfilePath, TsHomeDirectory, TsHomeDrive, TsAllowLogon, TsRemoteControl, TsMaxDisconnectionTime, TsMaxConnectionTime, TsMaxIdleTime, TsReconnectionAction and many many more. :/

    Any idea?
  • Are you executing the commands suggested by 'dynannic' in the startup script for your AR Management shell?