Creating a Shared Mailbox

There seems to be some degree of confusion within the group I am working with regarding creating a shared mailbox and then, being migrated to Azure (O365).

Would anyone have up to date step by step instructions I could share with the techs.

Our instructions are somewhat outdated/vague, simply stated, create a user and then submit to another queue for the conversion to a shared mailbox and presumably then, migrated to the cloud.

Of course, the obvious would be, why aren't we using the ECP for Exchange online to create the Shared Mailbox per Microsoft instructions, the answer is as simple as it gets (from our team that is) "because we are using QARI". So, is there a proper method for creating this "shared mailbox user" in QARI that I can share with our team?

I do fully understand that this is no longer supported in Exchange 2016 that is, creating a shared mailbox using Exchange 2016, does not create a "user" which then needs to be deactivated and converted to a shared mailbox.

Thank you in advance.

  • At the moment, as far as I know, the AR service doesn't have "native" functionality around creating shared mailboxes directly in a Cloud Tenant so you need to script this leveraging the EOL cmdlets - most likely in an AR script activity fired by a workflow.  

    Your script activity would have to login to your on prem Hybrid server as an admin and then use the native Exchange cmdlet New-RemoteMailbox with the "-Shared" switch.  This will create the required on-premises object which Azure AD Connect and the Hybrid Server will then implement as a Shared Mailbox in your cloud tenant.

    You could easily create a custom AR Web UI command (using the New Contact as your new object starting point).  In this, you could ask the user to supply any particulars for the Shared Mailbox (name, display name, owner etc.).  A change workflow configured to "react" to the new contact request will fire the code I described earlier to actually create the shared mailbox.

    'Hope this helps a bit.