• Azure Tenant Global Admin and MFA

    Is there any way to add an Azure tenant to Active Roles when the admin user has MFA enabled?

  • Creating a Shared Mailbox

    There seems to be some degree of confusion within the group I am working with regarding creating a shared mailbox and then, being migrated to Azure (O365).

    Would anyone have up to date step by step instructions I could share with the techs.

    Our instructions…

  • Azure attributes usage slow down dramatically ARS 7.2.1 response time


    when i have followed  the "Configuring Azure in Active Roles 7.2 - Part 1 and 2" videos, ARS Synchronization slow down dramatically when i use ARS connectors based on users objects.

    I have made my own test and i have found that when i do query…

  • 7.1 SyncService Azure Connector - delta mode and authentication_expiredToken


    its again me regarding the Azure Connector after getting some experiances.


    My first question concerns the delta mode when reading AzureAD. This option is mentioned as supported within the Admin Guid but also in the AzureADConnector_ConnectorConfig…

  • Active Roles 7.1 and Azure

    Hello community,

    I upgraded the installation of AR, and connected it to the customer's Azure. The question is: Is it possible to manage cloud only users, o to use Active Roles I MUST create also an on-permise user?

    Thanks a lot,



  • 7.1 SyncService AzureADConnector - Graph API version and hidden propeties

    Hi all,


    the 7.1 releas notes state the Graph API Version 2013-04-05 but when checking the AzureADConnector.config I see the Version 2013-11-08 is being used.

    That raises the question If I could change the config and use 1.6 instead.


    Furthemore this config…