Azure attributes usage slow down dramatically ARS 7.2.1 response time


when i have followed  the "Configuring Azure in Active Roles 7.2 - Part 1 and 2" videos, ARS Synchronization slow down dramatically when i use ARS connectors based on users objects.

I have made my own test and i have found that when i do query in ARS MMC to show following users properties 


nothing is displayed and the result is pretty fast

But from the moment we add #edsvaAzureObjectId to be displayed, all other attributes are displayed but ARS retrieve 25 records per 25 and it takes ages.

I have open a case for 4 months now and this is only now that i know the problem origin thanks for my investigation....

I hope the ARS DEV support will be able to deliver a patch in the follwing days?

I hope it will help you to solve your ARS slow down response time if you active azure back synch?

  • This is a known issue and was addressed in the most recent public hotfix for Active Roles 7.2.1


    In the Active Roles Sync Service, Azure back-sync workflows continue to run progressively slow under environments where large number of users are present.

    Title: Active Roles 7.2.1 & Collector public hotfix (multiple fixes)
    Solution: 250838

  • Hi Terrance

    thanks to your quick answer but unfortunately the SOL250838 that i have applied this morning doesn't solve the issue even after a stop of my 2 ARS 7.2.1 nodes to release the SQL DB.

    may you have another investigation way... for your info the SR number is 4199383...

    thanks for your help

  • I have reviewed the case notes attached to your SR, and this looks and feels exactly like my engagement which resulted in Defect 765215.

    You indicated that you could reproduce an issue with a custom query in the Active Roles Console. I'm assuming that this is a custom LDAP query. Can you please share this query? I will test in my patched and unpatched labs to see if I can reproduce the issue.

    Did you perform a full restart of the Active Roles host after installing SOL250838?

  • Hi Terrance

    i did a full restart of my 2 nodes. 

    What i did is:

    open the find in ARS MMC Console

    choose user objects

    1st try: add edsaazureuserxxx + edsvaazureoffice365...  (I am at home and haven’t the exact attributes name ) attributes in view column.

    The filter to apply is edsvaazureobjectidxxx is present 

    Result: fast answer but azure attributes empty

    2nd try

    same as the 1st but add edsvaazureobjectidxxx in the viewed column

    Result: slow answer - 25 records per 25 - but all azure values are displayed

    I hope I have been clear...

    have a nice day

  • Was this ever resolved? Having the same issue with 7.3.1.

  • the same here … activating the Azure Tenant slows down dramatically .. 7.3.3

  • Same here we just switched from 6.9 to 7.4 and it's very slow. We can even see menus loading...

  • We are now running 7.4.3 and its still slow. Any AzureAD connected object is slow to load in an OU, it's advanced properties when show all is selected. Any object that is not connected to AzureAD is very fast to load.