Azure attributes usage slow down dramatically ARS 7.2.1 response time


when i have followed  the "Configuring Azure in Active Roles 7.2 - Part 1 and 2" videos, ARS Synchronization slow down dramatically when i use ARS connectors based on users objects.

I have made my own test and i have found that when i do query in ARS MMC to show following users properties 


nothing is displayed and the result is pretty fast

But from the moment we add #edsvaAzureObjectId to be displayed, all other attributes are displayed but ARS retrieve 25 records per 25 and it takes ages.

I have open a case for 4 months now and this is only now that i know the problem origin thanks for my investigation....

I hope the ARS DEV support will be able to deliver a patch in the follwing days?

I hope it will help you to solve your ARS slow down response time if you active azure back synch?

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