Add/Update drivers on the print server


Our goal is to avoid ours IT to access to any servers.

We grant them with delegation on OUs , only problem how they can add/upgrade printers and drivers on the print servers?

the second needs, It is now forbidden to use the local administrator account but for some tasks, administrators need permissions and privileges on computers. how we  can give the permissions,  with Active roles,without compromising security ?

thx for your help

  • Hello, elyounsi.

    There are some abilities to manage local server resource via Active Roles, but they do not extend to installing or updating printer drivers. You can, for example, delegate the ability to manage print queues, pause a printer, start/stop services, manage local groups/users, manage shares, and other things - but not do exactly what you're asking for.

    You might want to look at using Group Policy instead. There is, for example, a group policy setting called Allow non-administrators to install drivers for these device setup classes. This may be a better path to providing what you're looking for.