Active Roles Admin Account/Group

We upgraded from 6.9 to 7.3 this summer. We imported all settings from old database into new database

We had an AD group in past that was used to administrate Active Roles - and could see which group in the registry.

During 7.3 install we selected same group for admin.

I understand I should now see the admin group in the Active Roles Config Centre - however this just shows as empty

Does that mean I am now just using the local admin group on the server - unlikely as we have service on multiple servers - or is teh ARS sevrice using domain admin group?

What is risk if I set the Active Roles Admin in Config centre to teh old admin group - is there a risk admins can lose access to Active Roles ?

Tried reading admin guide and it bit vague

Thanks for any help

  • When you have installed ARS with a service-account that is DBOwner on the configuration database and you are checking the ARS configuration with an admin account that has no specific rights on the configuration database, the Active Roles Admin name will show as "Unknown".

    Start the configuration centre with the account that was used to install ARS and you will see the Active Roles Admin name.