Active Roles Server Web Interface Slow Sleeps

Greetings All,

I have a general question regarding the speed of web pages on on the ARS Web Interface. We had just migrated from 6.8 to 7.3 ARS where we noticed a significant decrease in speed on the 7.3 version that was not there on the 6.8. The workflows and scripts are identical between the two, and both versions only use one database (different databases between the two), with three 6.8 servers for one database, and three 7.3 servers for that other database. Our 6.8 was on 2008 servers while our 7.3 are on 2012 servers.

It seems to be the most slow when we try to access a custom form (which, this same form is in the 6.8 version) that we made for users to create new users. I was hoping to see if anybody else has had performance issues on the Web Interface and perhaps if they were able to speed things up. Also, I am no IIS guru, but if you have any IIS performance suggestions, that would be most appreciated.

Thank you kindly for ANY feedback you guys can suggest. Means a lot.