Long running import in change management history

I have a call to Quest but still unresolved by now.  The import management history from a previous version like 7.1 at a 7.1 DB to a new one like 7.4.  Even quoting for a day record required, it always hung up at the point where "building list of data records" with no CPU cycles at all.

We have stopped all possible blocks, like TLS at 1.1, (1.2 may have issues), stop antivirus protection, etc.

any tips from your experience

I find this tool is handicapped much in monitoring about its status.  Getting very mad with this "uncontrolled" and long-running tool.

  • Hi stephenlee

    What size is the Management History database from Active Roles 7.1? Also is the 7.1 MH database on the same SQL server as the new 7.4 MH database or are these separate SQL servers?

    I have seen large databases taking a long time to import, also what were the change log tracking settings in your 7.1 Active Roles deployment?



  • You may also want to think about reducing how much Management History you keep as in my experience, very large MH databases can become very slow to respond and in the worst case, can get corrupted.  MH is not designed to be a long term archive mechanism for tracking user activity - for this you should consider archiving the Active Roles Windows event log.