Active Roles - Customised Forms

How do you undo changes made to a "New User Form" in error without resetting the whole form?

  • Hi Patrick

    Unfortunately there is no one click method to undo the last <x> changes you've made to a form out of the box. Therefore you would need to manually undo the changes made.

    There is however another way you could do this in future, but first some background.

    • Each Web Interface has its settings stored within the Active Roles database under a edsWIInterface object
    • Each Web Interface (edsWIInterface) has two settings containers (edsWICustomizationSettingsContainer)
      • Customization Settings
      • Interface Settings
    • Within each of those containers, they both have 3 customization settings objects (edsWICustomizationSettings)
      • CurrentCopy - Containing the in use Customization and Interface settings on your web interface
      • WorkingCopy - Contains a copy of your existing configuration plus any changes you have made but have not submitted
      • Default - This contains your default Customization and Interface settings, which would either be the out of the box settings, or the configuration of your web interface from your last upgrade
    • When you modify (for example) the new user form, the change you make:
      • Before clicking Save: Are stored in your sessions
      • After clicking Save: Are stored in the WorkingCopy virtual attributes
      • When you click Reload: The values of the virtual attributes are copied from WorkingCopy to Current Copy.
      • When you click Restore Default: The values of the virtual attributes are copied from Default to both CurrentCopy and WorkingCopy
    • The attributes within the Customization Settings objects all start edsaWI 
      • Customization Settings
        • edsaWICommands
        • edsaWIEntries
        • edsaWIForms
        • edsaWIMenus
        • edsaWIStrings
      • Interface Settings
        • edsaWISettings
    • When you change a form, it update the appropriate virtual adding or removing the changes you've made via the Web Interface

    So in future changes, these attributes within Active Roles which hold the configuration (in a WorkingCopy object). which if you were to take a copy of these values before making any changes, you could restore the value of the appropriate attributes of those values which you took a copy of before you make the change, which would return the web interface back to the way it was before the change was made (you would also have to click Reload, to copy the changes from WorkingCopy to CurrentCopy). As with all changes, its important to ensure that you have a good backup available just in case.