Admin permissions for Web Interface (ARS 6.9)


We don't know how, but we lost admin permissions when accessing Active Roles Web Interface, thus for example we can't edit web forms.

We are member of the local administrators group on the active roles server, and also domain admininstrators group member.

We can access as admins using the MMC tool on the server through RDP, but not with the Web Interface (edsvaIsEDMAdmin is not TRUE).

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Joseba M. Iturbe

  • Hi Joseba

    Two questions for you

    1) Does your DS Admin setup configured to use a domain group, or the local administrator group of the Active Roles administration service?

    2) When you access the Web Interface, what user account is shown as being logged in? Is it the account you expected, or is it the IIS Application Pool account used by the relevant Active Roles Web Interface? If its the application pool, its possible that ASP.NET Impersonation is switched off.

    Have you already logged an SR with support for this?

    Kind regards


  • I have seen this behavior and I feel it's UAC related.  When you launch the browser through which you are accessing the Web UI, try to do by launching it with "Run as Administrator" and see what happens.