DirSync Servers Guidance?


Looking for some guidance in what to set our DirSync servers in Active Roles Server 7.3. Our company has 3 servers located in one location, with web sites each on those same servers, but the bulk of our users live across the country. We are experiencing extreme lag on the web interface from those users since our DirSync servers are currently pointing to DCs where the ARS servers are located. Is this wrong? Does anybody have tips to speed up the web interface for our users across the country?

Thank you!

  • In the Managed Domains properties you can assign each of your AR Servers to a specific Region's DCs - e.g Server 1 - a western AD Site,  Server 2 - a central AD Site and Server 3 and Eastern AD site.  I would avoid specifying an individual DC.  You then need to make sure that your users are connecting to the "right" AR server's  web site.

    A quick ad hoc solution to this problem is to teach your users how to use the "Change Operational DC" command before performing a time sensitive action like a group membership change.  Thus they can change their UI to point to a specific DC.