Add a Delete computer command to ARWebHelpdesk

I'd like to see if I can add the Delete  command to a computer object class for the ARWebHelpDesk site.  The website has a view that is looking at a Managed Unit.  Within the managed unit I have a few targeted OU's in AD.  By default, when I go to customize the computer object (running as the service account admin on the ARwebhelpdesk page), the "delete" command doesn't exist under the "add existing command" list.  Of course, under ARWebadmin it does. I did create a custom command and tried to mimic the Arwebadmin command but when I select the computer, hit delete, I get an error stating "object reference not set to an instance of an object" and the deletion fails.  The goal is to grant my Desktop support guys the ability to delete computer objects but NOT through the ARWebadmin default website. Thanks

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