Deprovision User - Unresponsive Popup on Web Interface


So this question is related to this forum post:

Where when our users are trying to deprovision another user on the web interface, the "Deprovisioning user xxxxx...." just stalls. We can see in the MMC console that after 3:30 minutes, the user is successfully deprovisioned, and that if we deprovision the user just via the console, it only takes 30 seconds.

The weird thing is that if we deprovision this user again (so, deprovision, undo deprovision, and then deprovision him again), the web interface responds quickly and only takes 30 seconds to show the "success" message in the web interface.

Does anybody know why this is happening and suggestions to fix the stalling of the popup? I didn't know if there was an IIS setting, or something where the web interface is caching the object....We are really at a lost and would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!

  • With something like this, I would like to see what shows in the Active Roles Administration Service logging.

    The Log Viewer in the Active Roles Configuration Center will allow you to view all requests and sort by their time (duration). You should be able to find any long-running requests and view their stack trace to see any bottlenecks.

    The stack trace is every sequential call that Active Roles needs to make in order to complete the requested operation. You will see the timestamps for every call, and the gap between these timestamps is that call's duration. If you see a large gap, that's your bottleneck. If you don't see any notable gaps, then that indicates a general performance issue in some component.

  • Thanks Terrance! We actually fixed the issue by increasing httpRuntime executionTimeout to '300'  (5 minutes) in the web config file.