Exchange Deprovisioning Policy issues

Good afternoon everyone,

I have a quick question on Exchange Deprovisioning Policy.  I am not getting an error but I don't think its working as intended.

After upgrading from 6.9 to 7.4, I have not seen this work correctly. 

We use to have it where when we deprovisioned someone we would get a "We won't be able to deliver this message to because the email address is no longer valid or the mailbox is currently full, when trying to send the user an e-mail.

We are no longer seeing this when using the regular Exchange depro policy inside the Deprovisioning policy.

I was under the impression that it set limits on the mailbox as it goes through or maybe we just don't have it set up correctly?  We do have the check box of Hide from GAL and that is working correctly and I had the NDR checkbox unchecked so we should be receiving NDR's correct?  But we are not receiving NDRs for these users either.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

  • My suggestion would be to right click a recently deprovisioned object and review its Change History.  Expand out the Deprovisioing Change History entry to see what Exchange-related deprovisioning policy rules actually fired when the user was deprovisioned.  From there you should be able to determine if the rule you are questioning is indeed being executed.