Possible? selective delete of change history data of type 'PENDING'

Having enjoyed swimming in the deep end of change history information for years … ( we "retain" 2 years online ),

We're evaluating lowering the amount of change history data we keep.  In evaluating age of oldest records, we've found 50 records between 2013 and 2015 that are of type GroupMembershipChange and have a status of PENDING.

Our change history limit is currently set to 730 days (2 years) and we are working to reduce internal expectations of online availability of this information.  It's complicated. 

Change Auditor looks to be a good alternative near-line source of this info.

But, if CH tracking cleanup isn't clearing the events from 2013-2015, is there a way to selectively target old records for cleanup?   directly in SQL (without breaking cross links) or during an upgrade using import wizard date ranges?

  • You could create a new change history db and use the configuration centre to selectively migrate change history from your existing database to the new one and then point your Active Roles instance at the new database going forward.

  • And yes, Change Auditor is definitely a very good option for near line availability of archived information for an extended period.

    I personally recommend to clients not to use Change History for audit trail purposes in the first place.  Instead, rely on Change Auditor OR if you're already archiving windows event logs anyway, archival of the Administrative Service event log.  I have several customers doing the latter and manipulating the data with Splunk.